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Referral Agents' Federation

The Referral Agents' Federation

The Referral Agents’ Federation lays down protocols for the ethical referring of patients for any form of Addiction, Eating Disorder or Depressive Illness Treatment Programme, Therapy or Intervention. Members agree to abide by the following codes of practice:

  • The principal aim of the Federation is ethical, honest and open referring of addiction patients into rehabilitation clinics for day-care, or for addiction counselling support
  • All members must declare on their website and in communication with enquirers their or any of their associates’, employees’ or other people directly connected to their business of any business or financial interest in an addiction treatment clinic or service
  • No Referral Agent can take money for a clinic referral from their clients or their concerned others
  • Potential clients or their concerned others must be given a reasonable choice of clinics whenever possible
  • Potential clients or their concerned others must be advised of the clinics’ standard published rates and of any discounts available
  • No treatment package fees can be applied without transparent explanation of the costs of each element of the package
All referral agents, therapists and addiction workers are welcome to apply for membership. Contact Rosalind Ottaway by email on or Tel: 07977 100 257 for an application form.

Tel: 07977 100 257

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